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Working in Partnership with Parents Policy

When taking a place at Happy Feet Preschool, the children’s happiness is paramount, we want every child to feel safe and happy in the care of our staff and the parents leaving knowing their child is content.


Is to build trusting relationships between the staff, the parent and the child and for the child to be able to approach the staff for comfort and help in the absence of their parent. We want parents to feel included and involved every step of the way and will promote this in every way we can.


When a parent and their child enroll, we:

-       Discuss how the setting works

-       Encouraging parents to attend settling in sessions before planned start date

-       Be flexible with the settling in sessions

-       Discuss the sessions available and how we can suit each parent’s need

-       Share information on the EYFS & what this is

-       Talk about activities and experiences, we provide

-       Show or discuss how we monitor a child’s progress

-       Ask the parents if they have any questions

-       Provide detailed prospectus

-       Introduce the parent to all staff members

-       Assign a key person


To continue building relationships once enrolled we, offer:

-       Parent’s afternoon once a term (parents can book an appointment and have a one to one discussion with their child’s keyperson)

-       Termly newsletters

-       Important updates via daily notice board

-       Share daily activities via our face book page

-       Ensure a staff member is always available to have discussions when needed

-       Share any concerns we may have about their child as soon as possible


To continue building a strong relationship we ask parents to:

-       Provide us with contact details

-       Share any relevant information, regarding their child

-       Keep us up to date with any changes to personal information or the child



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