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First Aid Policy

At Happy Feet Preschool, all staff hold a current first aid certificate which is refreshed every 3 years. The training is recognised by Ofsted and includes burns, fractures, the recovering position & the use of an epi-pen.


Is to ensure the premises is as risk free and as child friendly as possible ensuring there are no obvious dangers or risks which can cause children harm.



-       To always have a first aid kit on the premises, and a smaller first aid kit that is taken on outings.

-       All staff can administer first aid treatment to an adult or child should an accident occur as long as they hold a current first aid         certificate.

-       Upon every child’s admission to the setting, the parent / carer will sign a declaration form giving permission for their child / children to         receive first aid treatment on the premises and be taken to the nearest hospital if necessary.

-       Remember to use personal protective equipment (PPE) gloves and apron when administering first aid

-       Dispose of any equipment used once you have finished and restock the first aid kit if needed

-       In the event of a child being taken to hospital parents would be informed once the ambulance had been called.


The first aid kit:

The first aid kit is kept in the kitchen & the contents are checked regularly ensuring all the items inside are sealed, in date and a record of this is kept.


The contents of the first aid kit comply with the Health and Safety Regulations 1981 (For first Aid at a workplace) and includes:


-       A general guidance leaflets

-       Individually wrapped triangular bandages (sterile)

-       Small box of safety pins

-       Sterile eye pads

-       A box of different sized individually wrapped plasters

-       Small, medium and large sterile wound dressings

-       2 x pairs of disposable latex gloves

-       A thermometer



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