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Child with Additional Needs Policy

At Happy Feet Preschool we recognise all children as equals and have put measures in place to support children with SEN (Special Educational Needs) and their families

Our aim:

Is to offer an inclusive environment, which welcomes everyone and to ensure we are able to support a child with special educational needs (SEN) we will work with additional agencies and support networks enabling as much help as possible. We will respect incorporate & follow the regulations and guidelines outlined in:

-       SEND Code of Practise 2014

-       The Equality Act 2010

-       The Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014

-       The Children’s and Families Act 2014

We have a lead SENCO, who will take an active role in supporting children with SEN will be responsible for ensuring all documentation is correct, liaise with parents and other agencies to continue supporting the child / children. We will also have a deputy SENCO: Richard Shinners, who will work alongside the lead SENCO and complete the necessary work in lead SENCO's absence.


Our procedure:

-       Treat all children the same, they will not be discriminated against by staff or other children

-       Adjust the way in which we talk and play so each child feels valued

-       Risk assess and adapt activities regularly, to ensure the activity meets the needs of each individual

-       Ensuring the environment in suitable for the child, for example a child using a frame / wheelchair will need extra space to move         around

-       Use resources such as picture books, photos and figures to promote the awareness of disabilities to the other children

-       Have regular meetings with the child’s parent / carer to discuss progress and any concerns

-       We will liaise with other health care professionals, such as health visitor and social worker to ensure the child’s needs are being met to         the highest standard possible

-       When planning activities, staff will ensure the needs and / or targets for the child are incorporated

-       Ensure staff are aware of the child / children who have SEN, and how to support them during day to day activities.

Attending a preschool or nursery is a major stepping-stone in a child’s life and Happy Feet Preschool want to ensure every child learns and develops to the best of their abilities whilst attending our setting.



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