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Healthy Eating

Food, drink & promoting a healthy diet

Happy Feet Preschool promote a nut free environment, to safeguard those children who have allergies!

At Happy Feet Preschool we recognise children need a healthy, nutritious balanced diet and will promote this at the setting by giving the children a wide range of fruit and vegetables at snack time, along with crackers, breadsticks and cheese. Water is provided throughout the day and is always accessible to promote children being independent. Milk is provided at both snack times and lunch times, children can choose what they would like to drink.

We have a morning and afternoon snack, so children attending all sessions are provided with something new and healthy to try, we use our self-service snack bar, where children independently serve and help themselves to the choices of snack available. Snack is cut into small enough pieces to prevent children choking and placed on several different plates.

Snack is purchased fresh every week and prepared in the kitchen on the premises once in the morning and once in the afternoon. A member of staff will prepare snack ensuring they followed the basic food hygiene skills, such as washing their hands and using a clean chopping board.

All children will be encouraged to try new fruits and staff will actively promote and encourage healthy choices, but children will not be forced to eat or try something they don’t want to.

Only fruit and vegetables are prepared on the premises and from time to time children will share birthday cake and treats from home to celebrate a child’s birthday, if at any time there has been a case of food poisoning affecting more than 2 children attending Happy Feet Preschool, it is our legal duty to inform Ofsted within 14 days of the food poisoning incident.

  • Ofsted can be contacted on 03001231231

Children who stay for lunch

A piece of food, large enough to block a child’s airway and / or cause a choking hazard, must be cut in half, these include grapes, cherry tomatoes, strawberries and sausages.

 For those children attending a full day session, parents are required to provide a healthy and sufficient lunch. Lunches are required to be provided in a lunch box with your child’s name clearly labelled and contain an ice pack, and a water bottle containing either water or sugar free squash.

Lunches should consist of:

  • Sandwiches, crackers, breadsticks, bread rolls

  • Pasta, salad, egg

  • Sausages, sausage rolls, chicken nuggets

  • Child friendly crisps or corn snacks such as, quavers, skips, wotsits, pom bears.

  • Cereal bars, fruit winders, raisins

  • Yogurt and fruit

To continue supporting and safeguarding the children with allergies, dietary requirements and preferences we display a food board. This board consists of the children’s first name, along with a picture of each child, underneath each picture will be a list of the allergies, dietary requirements or preferences for each child. This is displayed where all staff can see & will be shown to new staff and / or agency if required. 



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